1 Nov 2015

What Are the Jaws of Life?

Car accidents are one thing most people avoid thinking about. Unfortunately, car crashes are a common risk. Every time you drive, there is a chance you will be involved in a motor vehicle collision.

Car accidents may happen frequently, but statistically, they are typically not fatal. A Forbes report states that the average American will experience a car accident once every 17.9 years. Out of about 10 million car accidents annually, just three out of 1,000 crashes are fatal.
Just because a motor vehicle collision is not deadly, however, does not mean it is minor. Although many car accident victims are lucky to survive a crash, they may nevertheless suffer severe injuries. In some car accident cases, emergency workers must use the “Jaws of Life” to free a motorist or passenger from a car or truck.

What Are the Jaws of Life?

When the media says a car accident required rescue workers to use the Jaws of Life, it is an indicator of a very serious crash.

The specific term “Jaws of Life” is a reference to a trademarked tool produced by the Hurst Jaws of Life company, which initially manufactured its well-known rescue tool to aid emergency crew in extracting race car drivers from disabled cars following a collision.

Over the years, Hurst has expanded its product line, which now features a large variety of emergency rescue products. According to the company’s website, more than 35,000 rescue crews across the globe carry Hurst-made products.

Hurst has trademarked the “Jaws of Life” name, but there are several different types of rescue tools that can peel back metal, slice through damaged car doors, ram open jammed doors, and cut through glass and steel to free people trapped inside a vehicle. To help rescue personnel lift heavy, twisted metal, many of these special tools are equipped with hydraulic power, which makes it easier to move metal and other parts.

How the Jaws of Life Help Car Accident Victims

The Jaws of Life has been a lifesaving tool in numerous car accidents in the U.S. and around the world.

In Springfield, Massachusetts, firefighters used the Jaws of Life to extract two people from a car that had crashed into a utility pole.

In Arizona, rescue workers used the Jaws of Life to extract a woman from a wrecked vehicle in under 15 minutes.

In a recent accident in Montreal, Quebec, police used the Jaws of Life to pull a man from his truck after he lost control of it.

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