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Fighting for Workers’ Rights

If you have been injured on the job, you should seriously consider hiring experienced legal counsel to help with your workers’ compensation claim. Without a skilled workers’ compensation attorney on your case, you are much less likely to obtain the full benefits you deserve.

Too often, people spend years and even decades working for the same company, only to have an employer turn its back on them when they are hurt.

What Is Workers' Compensation?

Like any business, the vast majority of companies are focused on their bottom line. When employees file workers’ compensation claims, employers and their insurance companies have strong incentives to minimize these benefits.

Avoid Unscrupulous Tactics

To reduce the amount they must pay out, many workers’ compensation insurance companies resort to unscrupulous tactics designed to frustrate workers and discourage them from pursuing claims altogether. Common abuses include:

  • Insisting on using insurance company doctors
  • Refusing medical treatment
  • Informing a claimant that treatment is finished
  • Forcing a worker to consult with a nurse case manager

We Know Idaho Workers’ Compensation Law

The vast majority of Idaho employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance. State law governs the processing of claims and the types of benefits available to injured workers. If you have been hurt on the job or have developed an occupational disease directly related to your employment, you may be entitled to the following benefits:

Medical Expense Benefits

As the name indicates, medical expense benefits reimburse you for any health care costs related to your work injury. In most cases, these benefits are paid directly to your health care providers.

Total Temporary Disability Benefits

More commonly abbreviated TTD, total temporary disability benefits are available when your injury prevents you from working. Occasionally, a recovering worker is capable of being on the job part-time. In these cases, workers may be eligible for partial temporary disability benefits, or PTD.

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Permanent Partial Impairment Benefits

If you have suffered a work-related injury that has left you partially disabled for the indefinite future, you may have a claim for permanent partial impairment benefits. Common injures for this class of benefits include back injuries, knee injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve damage. In Idaho, a physician (which can be either the insurance company’s doctor or your own) must assign you an impairment rating indicating the severity of your injury.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

These benefits compensate workers for the value of lost earning potential. If your injury prevents you from doing some but not all types of work, you may be entitled to permanent partial disability benefits.

Total Permanent Disability Benefits

In some cases, workers are so seriously injured they can never work again. These employees are eligible to apply for total permanent disability benefits.

Get the Benefits You Deserve

At Ruchti & Beck, we have taken on some of the largest insurance companies in the industry. As attorneys specializing in personal injury, we know how an accident impacts every area of life. When an injury affects your livelihood, it can leave you feeling uncertain about the future and your ability to earn a living. This is why you should not leave your workers’ compensation claim to chance. We are committed to helping our clients pursue fair compensation for on-the-job injuries. Let us assist you in receiving the workers’ compensation benefits you need to help smooth your transition from injury to recovery. Contact us today at (208) 478-5100.

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