Under most circumstances, insurance is a wonderful product that provides peace of mind against unexpected disasters. When insurance companies deny or delay claims, however, this relief quickly turns to anxiety, frustration, and in some cases, financial ruin. You might spend years faithfully paying your premiums, only to be denied coverage when you need it most.

The truth is, insurance companies have every incentive to avoid paying out claims to their own insureds. They are in business to make a profit. To protect their own self-interests, some insurers engage in unfair tactics against their own customers. They unreasonably dispute claims, delay payments, or offer much less than the value of the claim.Insurance companies are also known to resort to various stalling techniques designed to pressure policy holders into giving up and agreeing to a reduced amount.

If you have been denied insurance coverage, it is important to speak with an attorney well-versed in insurance disputes. Without a knowledgeable legal team looking after your interests, you are less likely to receive the amount you deserve. At Ruchti & Beck, we have spent years representing clients against large insurance companies. We are familiar with the various tactics insurers use to avoid paying claims.

Bad Faith Practices

Insurance companies have an obligation to handle their customers’ claims in good faith. When you enter into a contract for insurance protection, your insurer makes a promise to negotiate fairly and settle claims promptly. When an insurance company fails to do this, the policy holder can bring a bad faith lawsuit. You might also have a bad faith claim if your insurance adjuster denied your claim or offered a drastically reduced amount without providing a reasonable explanation.

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