Social Media And Your Personal Injury Case

Social media is incredibly popular, and most people maintain at least one type of social media account. What you may not realize, however, is that insurance companies are aware that people share a lot of information about themselves online, which has led many insurers to monitor social media as an injury case unfolds. Insurance companies look at an injury plaintiff’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts for potentially damaging information.

So what exactly are they looking for? Insurance companies monitor these accounts for any information that could lower the value of your claim. For example, a plaintiff who claims her injuries prevent her from standing for long periods of time could possibly hurt her case by posting pictures that show her dancing at a wedding. In other example, a man who suffered a spinal injury may post details about a recent hunting trip on Facebook. Although these photos and posts might be taken out of context, they can be difficult to defend in a personal injury case.

With this in mind, here are some tips to help you use social media during your case without compromising your interests.

When in doubt, do not post – Before you post a photo or comment online, think, “Will this negatively impact my case?” You may even consider temporarily deactivating your social media accounts while your case is pending.

Pay attention to your privacy settings – Many social media sites allow users to control who sees their information and personal details. Keep in mind, however, that some courts have ruled that so-called “private” settings are not really private in cases where an individual has hundreds of online “friends.”

Do not discuss your case online – Your personal injury case is probably a major event in your life, especially if you are dealing with a severe injury. It is important, however, to avoid talking about your case or sharing details about your recovery on the internet. Instead, talk to friends and family about your injuries offline. Explain why it is necessary to keep your conversations truly private.

Stay out of forums and group chats – After an injury, it is normal to seek out others experiencing similar injuries. The internet is a popular place to find other individuals going through the same recovery process. Although you may find comfort in sharing your experiences with others, keep in mind that nothing you say in these spaces is truly private – even if the forum or chat group claims to be “private” or “closed.”

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