Monthly Archives: March 2015

22 Mar 2015

Endoscopes Linked to Superbugs

Duodenoscopes, which are a type of endoscope, have recently been the subject of much concern in the medical community and within the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In February 2015, the FDA released a warning...

8 Mar 2015

Manicurist: A Dangerous Occupation?

Some occupations are known for their dangers. Most people associate jobs like construction, police work, and firefighting with serious everyday hazards. Although we don't often think of nail salons as dangerous places, a recent New...

1 Mar 2015

New Rules for Highway Guardrails

Recently, several government entities have examined growing safety concerns surrounding highway guardrails. The Justice Department is currently investigating Trinity Industries, a large manufacturer of highway guardrails that have been implicated in many serious accidents. The...

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